Using Integrative TCM to Treat Stress and Treat the Adrenals

Using Integrative TCM to Treat Stress and Treat the Adrenals


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2 hours
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This webinar is for TCM practitioners who want a deeper understanding of adrenal fatigue and how to help your patients using an Integrative approach.

21st Century Stress Syndrome. Burnout. Adrenal Fatigue. So many of our patients have some form of this problem, or are skating right on the edge of developing it. Some of our most depleted patients are the ones who are seeking our help to try to conceive a baby. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of 6 or 12 month treatment programs to help patients who are already in their 40s and want to grow their family.

More nuanced than simply “tonifying Kidney qi” there are several layers to helping your patients with adrenal fatigue that can help you to really start filling the gaps and replenishing your most depleted patients.

  • Getting the intake right: the questions that are essential to ask during the consult
  • The right tool for the job: which supplements and nutrients vs Chinese herbs vs other therapies
  • Busting the myths and misinformation about exercise for your adrenal fatigue patients
  • Using BBT charts to help guide progress and adjust treatment as needed (even for men)
  • Integrative approaches that complement TCM and support recovery
  • Common integrative and natural approaches to avoid that hinder recovery and keep patients sick

Clare presents information at practitioner level that assumes a working knowledge of treating this condition. She will go deep into the areas that are often overlooked and under appreciated by practitioners. Students and recent graduates who wish to participate in this webinar are invited to contact Clare after registration to get pre-reading material to help get them up to scratch.

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