Unraveling Difficult Cases Using an Integrative Approach – View Recording

Unraveling Difficult Cases Using an Integrative Approach – View Recording


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3 hours
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This webinar is for practitioners who work with difficult cases, chronic and unusual conditions, and those for whom conventional medicine has run out of options. It’s also a webinar that’s perfect for practitioners who want to get another perspective on how to approach cases from an Integrative TCM point of view, and also for those who want to start tackling the types of cases they don’t feel confident in and that they would normally refer on.

Sometimes patients walk into the clinic and you can already tell. They have a folder 2 inches thick filled with test results and medical reports. Their list of medications is two A4 pages long, and their list of symptoms is even longer. They’ve already been to more health professionals than they can count, and now they are in your clinic hoping for a miracle.

  • Where do you start?
  • How can you prescribe anything when they are on so many medications?
  • What’s the point in discussing food therapy when they are having a meal of pharmaceuticals 3 times a day?
  • Can you get them real improvement, given everything else has already failed?
  • How to devise and discuss a treatment plan without giving them false hope?

Clare has many difficult cases in her caseload, many of them referred from other health practitioners. She has a knack for being able to unravel the mess of some of the most difficult conditions that patients can present with. In this webinar she goes into depth about her step-by-step process of finding the gaps and solving the problems one-by-one to bring these patients improvement in their condition.

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