Treating the Skin with an Integrative TCM Approach

Treating the Skin with an Integrative TCM Approach


Thursday 16th August 2018
9:30am Melbourne time (+10GMT)
2 hours
2 CPD points

This webinar is for patients who want fresh perspectives and new ideas on how to treat skin conditions with an Integrative TCM approach. If you want to go beyond using Xiao Feng San for eczema, and damp heat clearing herbs for acne – this is the right place for you!

The skin is the window to the gut from a natural medicine point of view, and to a certain extent this also rings true from a TCM practitioner’s point of view. However the skin is also a window to the Lungs and the metal element, and there are aspects of Heart, Liver, Kidney and Spleen that are also involved in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. This is not necessarily news to you if you had good training in dermatology. If it is – don’t worry – I’ll cover this off in the first 15 minutes of the webinar to get you up to scratch (pun intended!).

But then what about patients with really severe eczema? Or hormonal acne that doesn’t respond to your usual treatment? Find out the Integrative approaches that can be used to help your dermatology patients, and have an understanding of how they work from a TCM perspective, and Clare’s insights on when Chinese herbs are better, when a supplement or nutrient is best, or when a blood test might give you the best information on how to proceed. Clare will also discuss the various food therapy approaches that are often critical to clinical success in the early stages of treatment.

We will look comprehensively at the following conditions:

  • eczema
  • acne
  • hives/urticaria
  • chloasma
  • vitiligo
  • psoriasis

Clare presents information at practitioner level that assumes a working knowledge of treating these conditions. She will go deep into the areas that are often overlooked and under appreciated by practitioners. Students and recent graduates who wish to participate in this webinar are invited to contact Clare after registration to get pre-reading material to help get them up to scratch.

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