The Yin and Yang of Methylation and Genetics – View Recording


Fri 20th April 2018
9:30am Melbourne time
3 hours
3CPD points

This webinar is for practitioners who want to learn more about genetics, not just the MTHFR gene, but the top 10 genes to watch out for in your patients and what it means from a TCM point of view. This is a MUST view webinar for all practitioners who are working with fertility patients.

Perhaps you are a practitioner in one of these scenarios:

  • You may already have some knowledge of methylation and genetics, or you may have no idea what it’s all about.
  • Your patients are going to other pracs to get their genetics tested, and you’d like some insight into what their results might mean, and how to use that in your treatment approach.
  • Your patients are taking 10-15+ supps from their naturopath based on their genetics, and you’d like to understand how you might be able to help them reduce that down.
  • You want the lowdown on the most important SNPs (genetic mutations).
  • Your fertility patients are taking synthetic folic acid and you want information to be able to guide them towards informed choices around folate supplementation for pregnancy.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • Methylation 101
  • Genetics 101
  • Yin and Yang interpretation of genetics and methylation
  • How to incorporate this into a TCM practice
  • How to effectively prescribe for your complex patients with 5 supplements or less
  • Importance of methylation and genetics for treating fertility

  • Description


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    3 hours
    3 CPD points

    Methylation is a hot topic on the clinical frontier: MTHFR is the gene that’s getting the most attention, not just from natural medicine practitioners but also from conventional medical practitioners especially fertility specialists.

    There is a lot of debate about the best way to approach MTHFR genetic mutations, and methylation in general. Opinions are wide and varied:

    • nothing needs to be done because so many people have the mutation it’s probably not relevant
    • high doses of folic acid should be taken, especially by women who are trying to conceive and have the c677t MTHFR mutation
    • Pfeiffer protocol is the best way to address methylation problems, this involves identifying overmethylation or undermethylation in your patients
    • Everyone with MTHFR gene mutation needs to take methylfolate (5-mthf) and that’s all that’s really needed
    • Folic acid is safe to take in high doses for those without MTHFR mutation, and can even be safe for those with MTHFR genetic mutations.

    Each of these opinions whilst commonly held and argued for, have both an element of merit, and also an element of misinformation. Not assessing all the information on this new and growing body of knowledge can lead to patients not getting the right care, and not getting the best outcomes clinically.

    And ultimately the questions on every Chinese medicine practitioner’s mind:

    • How is this relevant to my patients and the way I treat them?
    • How does this information change the way I’m going to prescribe my herbal formulas?
    • How does this information change the type of acupuncture treatments I’m likely to give?

    Clare addresses each of these aspects in this informative webinar that helps to explain the relevance of this new area of knowledge.


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