The Yin and Yang of Methylation and genetics Webinar : coming in 2018


13th Aug
3 hours
3CPD points


  • have no idea what methylation is.
  • Have no idea what genetics is all about.
  • My patients are going to other pracs to get their genetics done.
  • My patients are taking 10-15+ supps from their naturopath to fix their genetics.
  • I want to know more about mthfr gene from a tcm perspective.
  • I want to know how to treat fertility patients more effectively.


  • Methylation 101
  • Genetics 101
  • Yin and Yang interpretation of genetics and methylation
  • How to incorporate this into a TCM practice
  • How to effectively prescribe for your complex patients with 5 supps or less
  • Importance of methylation and genetics for treating fertility

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