Treating thyroid conditions with an Integrative TCM approach – View Recording


2.5 hours
2.5CPD points

Moday 27th November, 9-11:30am Melbourne time.

Thyroid problems are incredibly common in Australian patients, and particularly so in our female patients.

The majority of thyroid patients are suffering from hypothyroidism, and put onto thyroid replacement hormone. And of these women with hypothyroidism, majority of those patients have autoimmune thyroid disease – Hashimoto’s disease, and there is no conventional treatment currently on offer that helps to target or switch off the autoimmune process.

There is some good evidence for natural treatments that can support normalising or reducing the autoimmune activity. This is an important aspect to address with all your thyroid patients – the autoimmune process and resulting inflammation will be underlying almost any other problem they are coming to seek help for.

There’s also a smaller percentage of patients who seek our help for hyperactive thyroid problems, most commonly Grave’s disease. Many of these patients arrive at the clinic, scared, because they have likely been told that if they don’t take quick, drastic action that their symptoms can become life threatening. There is a lot that we can do with Chinese medicine, and complementing with an integrative approach these patients can usually be healed without the need for procedures like thyroid removal, or “killing” the thyroid with radiation. However, the action that we need to take with our treatment needs to be quick and effective in order to keep the patient safe.

Additional layers of complication can arise if you are treating a patient who is wanting to conceive, and they have either one of these diagnosis in their current (or recent) health history.

This seminar will cover all these aspects of treating thyroid problems with enough detail to leave you with greater confidence in clinic to deal with each of the above thyroid problems.

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