Headaches – Integrative TCM approach – View Recording

Headaches – Integrative TCM approach – View Recording


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2 hours
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One of the most common health problems that patients report, headaches are often thought of as being fairly easy to treat. Even if it’s not our patient’s main complaint, we usually find along the course of treatment that headache sufferers experience a reduction in the frequency and severity of headaches.

However, from time to time, there are patients who have headaches that just don’t seem to respond to the usual treatment strategies you employ. This webinar goes through everything you need to know about headaches, including

  • all dietary considerations you need to know
  • structural and postural assessment for headaches
  • the relationship with hormones
  • blood pressure, blood volume and hydration
  • the nuances in symptoms and how it relates to TCM
  • integrative approaches: which nutrients, herbs, supplements can help your patients
  • barriers to improving: things you or your patients might be doing that are making the headaches worse
  • red flags – when to refer to GP and when to refer to hospital

Assuming you already know the basics, this webinar is designed to explore the nuances and lesser known information about headaches that can help you to unlock your trickiest headache patients.

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