Fertility Blood Markers

Fertility Blood Markers


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2 hours
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It can be overwhelming trying to collate and understand all the necessary information to help your fertility patients. Details about menstrual cycle, previous pregnancies, diagnosed reproductive problems all take specialised knowledge to understand, but most practitioners do a good job of translating these symptoms and problems into a TCM diagnosis and treatment approach. However, it’s not just the signs and symptoms that your patient can tell you about that you need to know. Just as important¬†is the vast array of blood tests that your fertility patients need in order to properly identify their inner disharmony – and this is when many practitioners find themselves beyond their depth.

Get up to scratch with this informative webinar, Clare will take you through each of the tests that your fertility patients are having tested, and what they mean. With this information, you will not only understand the significance of each test and what types of scenarios your patient will need each test, but most importantly how to apply the information in clinic to refine or improve upon your treatment approach.

This webinar is essential for all TCM fertility practitioners.

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