CIRS from a TCM Perspective – View Recording

CIRS from a TCM Perspective – View Recording


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This webinar is for practitioners who work with patients with chronic health problems. It’s also ideal for practitioners who want to get some useful diagnostic tools and ideas to assist with difficult cases.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a condition labelled and described by Dr Ritchie Shoemaker. He found that many patients with chronic diseases were presenting with a similar set of symptoms, many of them starting or exacerbated with exposure to mold or a water damaged building. Further medical investigation and correlation lead to him describing a syndrome that whilst clinically complex and difficult to treat – was possible to recover from by following a set of clearly defined steps.

For many patients however, the testing involved for a complete CIRS treatment protocol can be prohibitively expensive, and the medications required are not always well tolerated. Some of these patients are looking for options that can assist in their recovery.

Enter Chinese medicine. Historically we have not needed blood tests or genetic testing in order to devise a treatment plan for our patients. In our patients who present with some of the most complicated medical diagnoses, we have an elegant diagnostic framework that can often simplify the best path forward for these patients. There are certain Chinese medicine diagnoses that show up most frequently for CIRS patients, and the treatment approaches that stem from these diagnoses can assist patients with symptom relief and ultimately get them further along the path to recovery.

In this webinar, Clare gives an overview of CIRS diagnostic criteria, going into detail about the official symptom clusters, the testing that is recommended by Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, and how we can understand this from a Chinese medicine point of view so that we can work in conjunction with their Integrative GPs and ultimately assist some of our most difficult patients to improve their health.

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