• Hi, I’m Clare.

    I help patients who are unable to be helped by other health care providers. I listen to patients who have sometimes never felt properly listened to before. I support my patients to heal on all layers of their being and reach optimal health.

Hi, I’m Clare.


I have spent 15 years working as a natural medicine doctor, and I never cease to be amazed by the new levels of healing that I see in my clinic.


Integrative TCM Guide to Pathology, written by the industry’s emerging expert on the topic: Clare Pyers, is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of analysing blood test results in a Chinese medicine framework. The clinically relevant information in this book is described in a level of detail never previously seen in an English language textbook.


As a companion to the full text Integrative TCM Guide: Pathology, Clare has also created an app that will act as the ultimate clinic reference to have beside you as you look over your patient’s pathology results. It will assist you to gain confidence when interpreting your patient’s blood test results into the language of Chinese medicine


Integrative TCM Practice Webinar In October 2016 Clare delivered a hugely popular webinar on Integrative TCM practice.. Recording of the webinar is available for purchase for $45AUD so you can watch in your own time. In this 2.5 hour webinar, Clare gives an introduction to: Pathology testing for Chinese Medicine practitioners Liver Function Tests Cholesterol…

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