Your blood test results that come back as “within normal limits” actually spell out all your health problems in black and white.

Over the past 15 years I have seen literally thousands of patients who are coming into the clinic for help with a particular health problem, who have had tests done only to show there’s nothing wrong. Thousands of patients. The beauty of Chinese medicine is being able to make a complete assessment with our pulse diagnosis systems, tongue diagnosis as well as other signs and symptoms. Our comprehensive diagnosis and treatment approach is what brings so many people to our natural medicine clinics, especially when conventional medicine has no answers to their health problems. We can help them get better even if nothing is medically wrong with them.

I started to get suspicious after a few years of treating people who were sometimes really profoundly unwell but supposedly all clear on their blood tests. So I started asking to see my patients blood test results. Majority of the time their results were within normal limits but they were often very close to the top or bottom of the reference range. Sometimes there were one or two readings that were just outside the normal range, but in isolation were considered by their doctor to be either insignificant or only warranting a recheck in a few months time.

It still seemed like something was missing, so I started to read into the research to see what the studies were saying about various health problems and related blood test results. What astounded me was that the reference ranges in the studies were not the ones being used by the labs. Then I found some more information published by some functional practitioners about some of their ideas about optimal reference ranges. I recorded a whole bunch of ideal reference ranges based on the research and from some of these functional medicine texts, and started applying that information in clinic when looking at my patient’s test results.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

There is was, in black and white, all my patient’s health problems were spelled out in their blood test results. Their test results were within normal limits, but they were well outside the limits for optimal health. And as they got better their numbers all came back into range. I was able to save them time and money by getting clues about health problems that would normally cost $100s to test for and weeks of waiting to get the report of findings. I could easily tell from a simple series of blood tests if someone had burnout, poor digestion, lingering infections, stress, if they were eating enough vegetables, if they were eating too much sugar, even if they were breathing properly or not.


My patients now get awesome results when they work with me, because in addition to assessing how they are feeling, as well as their pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis, we can also measure the progress of their treatment and don’t fall into the trap of stopping too soon. Having a close look at the blood tests means we’re unlikely to overlook something that might end up being a really big problem down the track. The only downside is that looking closely at your test results means there’s not much wiggle room with the truth – if you’re eating too much sugar, or not eating veggies, or digestion is not great then it will show up in the test results. However, a practitioner who knows exactly what you’re up to can support you better than one who doesn’t get to hear about the things you are doing that can prevent you from getting better.

Make sure you work with a practitioner who knows how to analyse your blood test results with the optimal reference ranges for health.

The most important fertility tracking tool – your BBT

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting is often used as a way of tracking hormonal changes, and is a useful tool for all women of menstruating age who are suffering from gynecological or hormonal problems, or who are wanting to conceive. They can also help to identify issues with metabolism, adrenal and thyroid function, and can be useful for tracking the progress of a person with chronic fatigue syndrome. Men can also take note of their BBT, this information can be useful for a Chinese Medicine practitioner as one possible diagnostic measure of male fertility.

BBT charts help to keep track of the pattern of hormonal fluctuations within the female body, and are often used in consultations at our clinic to help your practitioner determine the best treatment regime for the pre and post ovulation times of your cycle. The chart can help to identify which part of your cycle (if any) needs to be supported, it can help you to identify your most fertile days as well as the day of ovulation. It can also show whether factors such as stress, fatigue or lifestyle choices might be contributing to your hormonal imbalance. This information can be used to help to bring your hormones into harmony, as a way of addressing gynecological problems, or to improve your fertility.

On waking, while still in bed, before you get up, take your temperature under your tongue . An ovulation thermometer is more accurate within the normal body temperature range, it will record your temperature to two decimal places and is the better choice than a regular thermometer.

It is important when charting your BBT that your temperature is read after at least 3 hours of sleep, at roughly the same time each morning (within a couple of hours is ok). Taking your temperature after sleeping in, or after you’ve already been awake for 5-10 minutes will give a false high reading. If you wake in the morning and plan to go back to sleep, take your temperature the first time you wake – before falling asleep again.

You can start charting at any time of your cycle, mark down which day of your cycle you are on if you know it, day one of your menstrual cycle is the first day of bleeding. For women not

having periods, or having them sporadically, may need to chart for longer before a pattern emerges.

Most important is to work with a practitioner who is experienced in reading BBT charts. If your cycles are irregular, or you are having problems with your period or problems conceiving, your chart will often not follow the typical pattern you’re told to expect. A lot of women give up on taking their temperature if they don’t understand their temperature pattern. A natural fertility expert knows how to interpret your temperature graph and use it to inform your treatment program to corrects your hormonal imbalance and restores optimal reproductive health.

The number one fertility problem and how to address it

Not a lot of people know this but right now, the biggest barrier to conceiving is the sperm. Whilst every man feels virile enough that he feels like he could inseminate all the women in the known universe. The reality is there is an ongoing global decline in all sperm parameters that is affecting all men.

Because we’re not talking about this problem with the sperm, the majority of the focus with fertility treatments – even with natural medicine practitioners – is on the female partner. Any male factors get overlooked, when it’s equally important to work to improve the fertility potential of both partners.

The problem is – whilst it’s easy for some, couples everywhere are struggling to get pregnant and it’s damaging their relationships. She’s busy taking folate and checking her ovulation and going to appointments, and meanwhile he’s sidelined on the bench without a gameplan. He feels like not much more than a sperm donor who is expected to perform on demand at the right time of the month. And feeling helpless with the monthly disappointment of the news that they’re not pregnant. The result of these two factors is the couple often suffer a massive disconnect within their relationship. A large percentage of relationships eventually breakdown if their fertility problems can’t be overcome. And they’re not given guidance on how to best approach their fertility journey in a way

Equal focus on both partners is what is needed.

We’ve seen this struggle happen time and time again with our clients, and so we’ve created our program that helps our clients address every challenge they are likely to face on their road towards optimal fertility.

Our 7 step program covers everything needed to get both partners in a state of optimal fertility in the quickest time possible:

  • Getting you in the right frame of mind,
  • Optimising your diet to enhance fertility
  • Making sure your exercise program is supporting your reproductive health
  • Stress management without the kumbaya
  • Detailed review of your home and workplace to help you avoid exposure sperm killing and hormone disrupting chemicals
  • The best quality natural medicines and supplements from around the world
  • Regular review to make sure we keep you on track


He gets to be the hero of the story, and she gets her night in shining armour. And the best chance possible that they will be able to finally conceive the baby they hope for.

All of this has you under the ongoing care of a team of expert practitioners who are all specialists in their field, on a uniquely tailored program for you and your partner.

The end result is that

– your overall health and vitality will be improved within 30 days

– women will have a pain-free perfect monthly cycle within 90 days

– men will have supercharged sperm with improvements in all parameters in 100 days

Over the next 7 weeks we will cover in depth each of the 7 aspects of our fertility program.

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