• Seminars

    Clare’s next seminar will be at the 2018 IICMC conference in Melbourne, Australia. She will be presenting for 1.5hrs on the topic of Integrative TCM for Fertility, giving conference attendees a deep dive into the fundamentals of how best to integrate the three paradigms of TCM, conventional and functional medicine to get the best outcomes for patients.

    Joined by 14 other world class experts on fertility, this conference is the first of its kind in Australia, and will involve 3 days of delving into the details of what makes a fertility practitioner successful at what they do.

    For further details on the conference and to purchase early bird tickets, please visit

    Clare’s upcoming webinars 2018:

    PLEASE NOTE; All times are AEST



    Tues 20th @ 9:30am                      Integrative TCM for Autoimmune disease

    Fri 30th @ 9:30am                         Integrative TCM Fertility


    Mon 9th @ 9:30am                        Fertility and hormonal health for women 40+yo

    Fri 20th @ 9:30am                         Yin and Yang of Methylation


    Mon 7th @ 9:30am                        CIRS from a TCM perspective

    Fri 18th @ 9:30am                         Headaches – integrative TCM approach


    Tues 12th @ 9:30am                     Gu syndrome – theory and applications in modern clinic

    Thurs 28th @ 9:30am                    TCM view of common supplements, vitamins and minerals and their clinical application


    Tues 10th @ 9:30am                     Methylation and pregnancy

    Thurs 19th @ 9:30am                   Unraveling difficult cases using integrative approach


    Tues 7th @ 9:30am                       Using Integrative TCM to treat stress and treat the adrenals

    Thurs 16th @ 9:30am                   Treating the skin with Integrative TCM approach


    Tues 11th @ 9:30am                     TCM Fertility basics


    Tues 23rd @ 9:30am                    Fertility blood markers – pre conference

  • Practitioner Training and Mentoring

    Clare offers one-on-one support via Skype for practitioners looking for guidance on how to interpret blood tests for their patients. Practitioners can book a time with Clare via her clinic bookings page or by email.

    Coming in 2018: Online Group Mentoring on Integrative TCM

    • Meeting bi-weekly for 1.5hr mentoring and case discussion
    • Mixture of formal lectures and case studies according to the group needs
    • Participate in group discussion and benefit from feedback and experience from other practitioners
    • Recordings available for your records
    • 3 formal CPD points per month
    • Launch price – only $99 inc gst per month (3 month program)
    • Register your interest by contacting Clare

  • Appointments

    If you like the sound of my approach and want to gain a deeper understanding of what I do and how I can help you, here are the ways we can work together

    • – book an online assessment consult
    • – book a face-to-face appointment with me in Melbourne, Australia 

    There is approximately a 1-2 month wait for new people who want to make an appointment with Clare. If you’d like to go onto her wait list, please contact the clinic by email or by phone (03) 9013 1777 to be notified of her next available appointment time.

  • Speaking

    Clare is available for public speaking and lecturing bookings. Clare is an engaging speaker with experience speaking to both the general public, and also to students and practitioners. Her unique knowledge and speaking skills are highly sought after.

    She is fully booked for 2017 and 2018, but is taking enquiries for 2019 speaking engagements.